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Total Oil Sands Production Graph


The data displayed here are production totals submitted by oil sands operators to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), as documented in the ST-39 for Synthetic Crude Oil and the ST-53 for In Situ Bitumen. It is updated monthly when AER releases it. As a result, production data for in situ projects is generally two months in arrears, and production data for mines is generally three months in arrears.

This table contains historical data on oil sands production data from 1967 onward. There are three views: 1) "All", including both synthetic crude oil and bitumen production, 2) "All Synthetic Crude Oil Production", and 3) "All In Situ Bitumen Production".

"All Synthetic Crude Oil Production" includes all of the bitumen that is upgraded within the province, primarily from the mines, but also from in situ projects with on-site upgraders, such as the Long Lake Project.

"All In Situ Bitumen Production" includes all of the bitumen produced by in situ projects and not upgraded on-site.


Posted Date: Oct 14, 2010 Source:
Alberta Energy Regulator
Date Range: Jan 1, 1967 - Present Location:   Athabasca Oil Sands, Cold Lake Oil Sands, Peace River Oil Sands
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Usage Considerations

Note that a number of organisations track bitumen and synthetic crude oil production in Alberta, and that in some cases they do not track exactly the same types of production. For example, some choose to include production from experimental or pilot projects; some only track commercial production. For this reason, the total amounts produced are not identical among all of these organisations.

These graphs may not include data for a) projects that are not currently operational, or b) projects which use polymer flooding technologies.

NB: Data is displayed only through 2016.  Subsequent yearly data is available via the Alberta Energy Regulator's ST39 and ST53 statistical reports: